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Aimee Struble, Broker/Owner

I have been an Oklahoma Realtor for over 10 years. In October of 2012 I became a Broker and founded the 180 Residential Group, Inc. I can remember when I purchased our first home and admitted to myself “I did not even get an inspection” not because I declined that option, but because I simply was not informed of such things! There are many facets to buying and selling a home and I do enjoy keeping my clients informed of ALL their options so you can make informed decisions while buying or selling your home thus eliminating most of your concerns when you do so.

My husband, Jeff Struble of 180 Development Group formally known as Struble Construction, Inc. and I have been instrumental in providing quality housing in the Oklahoma City area for the last several years. We have been renovating existing homes and infill building new homes in the OKC urban and surrounding neighborhoods for over 15 years. Our efforts and passion since 2006 have been in the Plaza District, where we have been restoring commercials buildings and residential living areas that have sat vacant and in disrepair or simply as “storage” for many of the last few years. Now the Plaza District is home to local shops, eateries and local art galleries and is thriving once again!